Get 25% off Mediatemple DV Hosting

Mediatemple (mt) are pretty reliable in my experience – you need to spend a little time locking down their gridserver hosting package, but that is part of the routine you should be following when you’re hardening wordpress, and now is a great time to grab a Dedicated Virtual Server package.

Packages start at $50, but you can get 25% off and be entered into a drawing to win a Macbook Pro with Retina display.

Click here and enter the code ‘GRUBER’ for 25% off and the chance to win that Macbook Pro!

Full disclosure: If you purchase a service after following our link, we will receive an affiliate payment. This doesn’t affect our opinion of MT – we’ve been hosted by them for around 3 years now and we’re picking up a DV ourselves in the next month or so. If you want to know who we’re moving from, then drop me a line and I’ll spill the beans privately – let’s just say that the last weekend was the bale of hay that broke a couple hundred camels’ backs…