Who is the Jell-O Art Queen? Yes, She Is

The Jello Art Queen Will See you NowFrom the Jell-O Art Queen herself, a superbly regal roundup of the Jell-O Art Show.

Xyclops Welcomes Our New Undulating Overlords as Jell-O Art Queen is Crowned

McWho, as I have always known her, has been a fantastic Jell-O artist and silk screen t-shirt printer (sometimes combining the two) for many years. Appropriately, she was crowned Jell-O Art Queen in TYOOL 2012, and we at Xyclops are most enraptured with our newest Royal.

We’re willing to bet her acceptance speech was a damn sight better than the first public offering of another recent member of the crown and scepter club.

New Royalty Improvement on the Last Lot, Offers Transparency and Versatility

Follow more news about Jell-O art from the Queen’s own blog at http://gelatinaceae.blogspot.com/

Long Live The Queen, say I!