New 404 Page

I decided it was time for a new 404 page. This time I figured that instead of something dry, boring and unfunny I’d try and cheer up whoever doesn’t find what they are looking for.  Maybe they mistyped and are feeling dumb? I want to be the dude who makes that guy or girl smile again.

My two black cats are terribly dumb, so our new 404 page features a picture of Winston, a cat who tends to sleep with his arms out in front, as though he is dreaming of being Superman. This pose can often make for a good picture (though it was shot with my terrible phone camera, not that you’d know anyway because I can’t take a photo to save my life, but as you can see, I digress), and the shot on our 404 page makes me warm and fuzzy whenever I see it.


I can’t think of a nicer way to follow a dead link.